About us

About us

K.Ayan Hi! I am Ayan, I am a gardener and founder of the gardening site telelists.com. I grew up witnessing my father’s passion for gardening. Although my father works in government, we are a farming family. So father also had a passion for agriculture so he make a garden in our city house.  I used to help him from a very young age, while he tended the plants in his garden and I gleaned from him various types of information related to various types of flowering and non-flowering plants. At first, it was a hobby but gradually this hobby turned into my passion. And I join him in collecting and tending to different kinds of plants. In this way several years passed happily and I got my college degree along with it. But within a few months, the father died. And I was forced to give up my passion due to family and financial problems. And because of that, I had to move to another state for work.

Every time I returned home, the poor condition of my dream garden used to haunt me. Because it was not possible for my mother to take care of the garden alone due to her lack of experience in gardening. I try my best to tend to the garden during my short vacations. But it wasn’t enough. As a result, I almost lost most of the plants. I had to return home during the covid pandemic to support my family. Then I started taking care of the diseased plants according to the method taught by my father. As a result, I get the desired results within a few days. I have collected a variety of plant species and studied them. Now I have opened a small nursery to nurture my passion for gardening. Through Telelists garden sites I combine applied and ancestral source experience and bring that knowledge to yours. 


At my Garden site, you’ll read about all kinds of garden-creating ideas and you can get a clear idea about various gardening problems and solutions. so that how to make the world a more beautiful and colourful place. I’m sure that you’ll find a lot of enjoyment, education and inspiration here.

Our Vision

Through this site, garden lovers are always trying to give a clear idea about various types of plants and their care, various tips on gardening in an easy way. And thinking about the earth to inspire more people to garden in an easy way. So that this world can be revived. I’m sure you’ll find lots of information about gardening and plants here, which will delight, educate and inspire you.